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March 23, 2021by Denis Fortmann0

Dear IT Crowd,

Much has changed since the founding of OutSprint in 2017. We became premium partners of the leading low-code application development platforms, have gained new customers, expanded our business from the UK to central Europe and grown our team to a crazy bunch of 30 tech enthusiasts. We have renewed our understanding of successful digitisation. This means that besides the pure delivery of technology and consultancy, we have added a human component to our services: the transfer of manpower and know-how. We strongly believe that in order to bring cutting edge solutions to our clients worldwide, we must go beyond the delivery of technology.

Our mission is to provide state of the art solutions across all sectors and industries. The OutSprint development team consists of the best developers who are able to build a solution to whatever the challenge is. We dedicate one hundred percent of our focus to the customer in order to deliver tailor-made solutions based off of our client’s needs.

We believe that digital transformation provides opportunities for all industries to optimise workflows, discover new business models, and drive company growth. With the use of low-code technology and intelligent automation, hundreds of millions of apps and web solutions will be created worldwide in just a couple of years, increasing product quality and safety at the same time.

With our new design, we want to reflect more on our identity, to be one of the most important innovators in the software development industry, reflect on the success that we have had in the market so far, our legendary team and the extension of our services since our foundation in 2017.

We believe that the new design takes these changes into account in the best possible way and it makes us look forward with optimism to the years and challenges still ahead of us.

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Denis Fortmann

Denis Fortmann

Regional Marketing Manager

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