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September 25, 2020by William Antunes0

NextStep, OutSystems’ annual event, is the event that I always look forward to every year.

As most of you probably know, OutSystems was founded in Lisbon in 2001, and ever since, they started to promote this annual event in Portugal, where the majority of their events were usually based. The thing is, I grew up in Brazil, so I never had the opportunity to attend, as flying overseas makes quite the expensive trip for most companies.

In 2015, that changed and NextStep went on tour you could say, hosting the event in different countries, although we are still not talking about Brazil (yet). In 2018, NextStep took place in Boston and Amsterdam (luckily, I had moved to the Netherlands at the time). In 2019, the event was hosted in Denver and Amsterdam and this year, they had huge plans to host in Bali, Tokyo, UAE and Amsterdam.

But, unfortunately, a situation arose that none of us could have predicted, the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the changing global response to human interactions, OutSystems found their way to innovate and uphold a safe and responsible approach to keep up spirits and host this year’s NextStep.

Of course, a physical event was out of the question. This had many people questioning and concerned about how the event would take place and what aspects would be lost without the interaction and engagement we have become accustomed to by attending it in person. But wow did OutSystems not disappoint. This year, we were able to enjoy the same perks as a physical event, but this time with a digital transformation. The attendees were able to experience a new aged approach to a virtual event with presentations from experts around the globe followed by live Q&As, sponsors’ booths, a community booth and keynotes – everything plus more than what we would experience at the physical event!

This year’s event was huge, with over 8,000 attendees from all over the world! They counted on their line-up of top-grade guests and speakers to carry out the two-day event and I must say, it did not disappoint. My personal favourite was surprisingly not one of their many technical guests, but was Leland D. Melvin, a NFL superstar, who for many years played as the wide receiver for the Detroit Lions.  After enduring a couple of extreme injuries that forced him to end his brilliant football career, he became an astronaut with an exciting (and sometimes sad) story. He even went to space a couple of times and shared a lot of insights, tips and tricks to do with team spirit. This keynote was by far the most inspirational talk at NextStep!

As you can see, NextStep isn’t just your normal low-code, technology-centric event!

Even when it came to the booths, OutSystems managed to come up with a digital solution! The booths in particular, are one of my favourites aspects that NextStep has always offered. The ability to talk to anyone in the community from technical experts to community managers is definitely one of the highlights and even though this event was virtual, they were able to offer a digital version. This allowed for the opportunity to develop a closer relationship with the OutSystems’ team by learning what they are doing, planning, or asking them questions.

Well, it is safe to say I am looking forward to next year’s event, are you?!

William Antunes

William Antunes

OutSystems MVP William is originally from Brazil and is currently living in Portugal following a move from the Netherlands. He enjoys travelling, playing soccer and show jumping.

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