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October 22, 2020by Tiago Neves0

Nobody is likely to contradict that we are living in difficult, maybe even strange, times. This year has been filled with dramatic events for many people, as well as companies. Our society was put to the test. How we deal with this challenge has a lot to do with our attitude and mindset. In the world of IT, technology is challenging the status quo all the time. It definitely means that there is a threat to those not wanting to change, but also that it is full of opportunities. We can ask ourselves who we are as a person or an organisation and who we want to be. At OutSprint, we promote change that matters and we want to help take people where they would not usually be able to go. We want to go beyond the delivery of technology. We believe that digital transformation provides opportunities in many ways and that it sometimes can be better to teach people the skills they need to solve a problem, instead of giving them a ready-made solution. Therefore, initiated by a member of our team, Rashid Anis, we have decided to create a special partnership with students in Pakistan. 

When Rashid introduced his vision of providing expert knowledge and training about OutSystems and low-code to students in Pakistan, he had already been working on this project privately for one or two years. Rashid has only recently joined the OutSprint team, but he has seen and done it all in the field of Software Engineering. His journey began as a student in Pakistan, just like the journeys of those he wants to help. Today he has over 25 years of experience in the Finance and Insurance industries, having worked with Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, UBS, and Barclays Capital. Rashid’s passion for helping Pakistani students was the ignition for OutSprint to support this low-code trainee program. Where could technology unlock its full potential better if not in the hands of students in a developing country with an emerging tech industry?

We, who have lived and worked in privileged societies with robust economies for years easily take for granted the opportunities that we were given, such as having access to education, universities, internships and the labour market. We work with technology everyday and it seems natural to use it. Within our ecosystems, innovation and progress take place daily. We have become accustomed to the speed at which new solutions are developed and brought to market today. And for those of us whose training already dates back some time, it may be good to remember that the skills we regularly use ourselves first had to be learned. Thanks to the Internet, the world has become more accessible. So why not make resources available to people who previously were unable to access them or did not know they existed? Being a bunch of low-code aficionados and tech enthusiasts, we are fully convinced that modern software technologies can make a difference. 

For those who don’t know much about Pakistan, here is some up-to-date information about the country’s development that you should know: Pakistan has one of the most underestimated economies in the world. Its regional history is several thousand years old and is characterised by different advanced civilisations, waves of conquests and immigration, and the associated cultural influences. Although being one of the poorest and less developed states in Asia, much is changing in the country which 212 million citizens call their home. Pakistani society is undergoing a rapid process of upheaval and transformation. The urbanisation of Pakistani society, accompanied by a growing educated middle class and awareness of gender equality, is leading to an opening and modernisation of both society and the economy. By cutting red tape and fighting corruption, Pakistan has managed to move up the Ease of Doing Business Rankings from 144th to 108th place. The IT industry in Pakistan is one of the fastest-growing. With the potential to expand even more in the future, it has the ability to provide a fundamental boost to the country’s economy. Like many other emerging technology countries, Pakistan has a start-up scene and people there are dreaming of the next big $1 billion idea, just like tech workers of European capitals. At the same time, the industry’s access to seed and venture capital is improving. Young people in Pakistan are ready to modernise their country. They want to learn and they want to learn fast!

When registration for the trainee program was announced, the response was overwhelming. Rashid and the OutSprint team have done a fantastic job and created a program consisting of two learning sessions that teach the basics of modern software development. The first session is dedicated to an e-learning classroom through Zoom Meetings and chats, accompanied by a trainer focusing on theoretical, technical, and technological learning. The second session consists of self-paced learning and practical training. The training schedule includes 24-weeks of e-learning for 3 days a week (Friday to Sunday) from 9pm to 11pm local time. It offers lots of flexibility to learn at your own pace, in your spare time, and attend live training from your university or home. Another seven weeks will be focused on assignments and preparation for the certification exams. Together with our close low-code development partner, OutSystems, we have agreed to sponsor training licenses for the OutSystems platform and also provide official OutSystems certifications after completion of the program. Although the course will mainly focus on OutSystems, we will also teach the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and agile software development methodologies. The students will be supported from beginning to end, and beyond, with 24/5 student support and tutoring, including 1:1 mentoring. Our main goal and desire is to help each trainee who joins this course to gain proper technical knowledge and best practice so that they can easily be hired as a Solution Provider in any institution or organisation across the world. After the completion of our program, the trainees will be able to play important and constructive roles in digital transformation.

The trainee program will officially kick off on 24th October 2020. We are extremely happy to see this project come to life and very proud of the team that passionately contributed to it. Congratulations to all the students who successfully enrolled in this very special software training. We are beyond excited to guide you in the first steps of your software development career. The low-code and OutSystems family is looking forward to welcoming the next generation of solution providers.

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Tiago Neves

Founder and CEO

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