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Do what you love – and keep learning!

Do what you love – and keep learning!

Here at OutSprint you have the opportunity to become a part of and lead digital transformation – a development that many experts describe as nothing less than the fourth industrial revolution. If you are the right person to complement our passionate, international and determined team, we welcome you to join the ride with us.

Company Culture

COVID-19 has turned the world upside down and we have all had to adapt to new ways of working. Teamwork and company culture can be difficult to get right when everyone is working remotely but at OutSprint, we have worked hard to bring our team together and build strong working relationships. Most of our team joined during this challenging time and the circumstances have bonded us together and helped us identify even more with our company culture. We are OutSprinters!

Our leaders

Tiago Neves



Tiago was born in Lisbon, Portugal, a place that holds a special place in his heart, even now that he has made London his home. He loves to challenge himself by playing basketball (he’s a short guy…) or building a business out of just an idea.

Sandra Camacho

Assistant Director


Sandra loves travelling with her family, they love road trips and discovering new and exciting places. She loves Poncha (a traditional drink from Maderia), being with friends, and as a foodie, she loves to try new cuisines and flavours. She loves history, enjoys watching historical series and last but not least, Sandra loves being a mum to 2 energetic boys!

Simone Tiberio

Partnerships Manager


Simone is originally from Italy and is currently living in Dubai. He enjoys travelling, being outdoors, exercising, escape rooms, technology and stand up comedy.

Kelsey Hunter

Head of Marketing


Kelsey was born in Canada and now lives in Berlin. She loves traveling, cooking Italian food, painting, salsa dancing and she has a black belt in karate (so don’t mess with her!!).

Ian Tailor

Head of Delivery & Tech


Ian was born and raised in London and currently lives in Kent. He enjoys spending time with his kids, running (slowly), playing golf (badly) and cycling (novice). His words!!

Carla Sofia

Growth Manager


Carla was born in Portugal and now lives and works in Berlin. She enjoys learning new things and has a special interest in Cognitive Neuroscience and scientific thinking and communication. Most of all she loves good food and wine and experiences she can share with others!

Rashid Anis

Head of Practice and Development


With 25+ years of experience in the Finance and Insurance industries, Rashid has seen and done it all in the field of Software Engineering. He is passionate about technology, especially disruptive technologies. He loves spending time with his amazing family and he enjoys kite flying, travelling and photography. Rashid is a London School of Economics graduate and is fluent in several languages (Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi and currently learning Russian).

Feel good about your work

Feel good about your work –
at home or in the office

OutSprint have a very supportive view regarding working from home and this should be discussed with your line manager in the first instance. Any requests should be submitted in advance however it is understood that the unforeseeable may occur and such requests will have to be made on the day in question.



The company respects all religious faiths, beliefs, and practices equally as they are represented within the workplace. All employees have the right, within the law, to religious freedom and to the peaceful practice and expression of their religious faith, including the beliefs, values, and practices involved in them. As part of our culture, it is the expectation and requirement that religious groups and adherents of all faiths within the company should accord full respect to the religious faith, beliefs, values, and practices of others, and for those who subscribe to no faith.

Pakistan Internship Program

Pakistan Trainee Program

Our main aim and desire is to help each trainee who joins us to gain proper technical knowledge and best practice so that they can easily be placed as a ‘solution provider’ in any institution across the world. After the successful completion of our program, the trainees will be able to play an important and constructive role in the digital transformation journey of any company.

Open Job Positions

Open Job Positions

OutSprint Careers, help us to shape the future of technology. Would you like to join the OutSprint team? Take a look at available positions.

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Meet Our team

Mário Cunha

OutSystems Developer


Mário is one of our developers/trainers/something…(what does he do again?) who is currently in Berlin. His hobbies are photography, sketching and video games. He possesses a bit of knowledge on odd subjects such as dinosaurs, pirates and astrophysics. Currently on an epic quest to find the perfect cheesecake.

Anja Vester

Business Manager


Anja joined our team as a business manager to monitor daily operations. She was born in Germany and is living in Portugal now. She likes hiking, swimming, dancing and yoga as well as good music and spending time with good friends.

César Mateus

Senior OutSystems Developer


César considers himself a tech enthusiast after a lot of years of being involved with technology. His areas of interest are OutSystems, AI Technology and ML. In his free time, he loves spending time with his family and his dog Nina, visiting new places, going on trips and also spending time just lazing at home.

Denis Fortmann

Regional Marketing Manager


Denis was born and raised in Berlin and was the 2nd hire in our German branch. In his spare time he enjoys playing guitar and making music, lofi beat production and biking.

Rafael Martins



Rafael lives in Lisbon and enjoys playing sports and video games and spending time with his dog Brownie.

Rodrigo Costa

Front-End Developer


Rodrigo was born in Recife which is in the North East of Brazil and currently lives in Piçarras, South of Brazil, a beautiful city with lots of beaches. In his spare time he loves to play sports, run, cycle, surf and go to the gym.

Sarah Clark

HR Manager


Sarah is currently in the process of completeing the level 7 diploma in human resources management. She enjoys building computers from scratch, gaming, painting, baking and eating all the things she bakes.

Thaís Roese

UX/UI Designer

São Paulo

Thaís is originally from Brazil. She likes to draw, read books on the beach and surf. She loves to travel and experience other cultures and cuisines.

Andy Winter

Talent Partner


Andy, our Talent Partner has spent 7 years working in tech and recruitment. He has a passion for digital transformation. Although his biggest passion is for travelling, he spent two years travelling the world after uni. On the weekends you will find him hacking around a golf course or having long dinners with mates.

Melvin Kuriakose

Software Tester


Melvin is our software tester based in Munich! He is very interested in politics, hearing people of different cultures and stories from all parts of the world. In his spare time, he loves to read, swim, travel, cook, and play football and cricket.

Andrea Dias

Sales Executive


Andrea is originally from Venezuela and has recently moved to London from Mexico City. Her hobbies are travelling and shoes. She likes romantic comedies, broadway musicals and walking her dog Milo at the beach.

Hugo Seixas

OutSystems Software Engineer


Hugo is our software engineer. Born and raised in a small town in Portugal where he studied, he has already lived and worked in a few different countries around the world. Now he is based in London and experiencing all it has to offer. He tries to maintain a very active life, his passion is dancing.

William Antunes

Tech Lead


William is originally from Brazil and is currently living in Portugal following a move from the Netherlands. He enjoys travelling, playing soccer and show jumping.

Gary Williams



Gary is from and lives near Manchester, he has two amazing children who keep him busy when he’s not working, but he always makes time for music by being in two bands. He invented and patented a garden power tool and is always trying to think of better ways to do things, much to the annoyance of those close to him!

Ricardo Ferreira

Senior Developer


Ricardo was born in Portugal and is a natural joker. His plan is to fool the world into believing that he knows how to develop software. He has been doing this for 3 years now.

Steve Collins

Pre-Sales Manager


Steve lives in Surrey and outside of his interest in IT enjoys running, motorbikes, playing the guitar and learning new practical skills whilst renovating his house.

Shabnam Touraney

Marketing Coordinator


Born and raised in London, Shabnam has recently graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in Management with Spanish. She loves travelling (her favourite place she has ever been is San Pedro de Atacama, Chile), trying new food and wine, baking and cuddling with her dog, Max.

Siobhán Heaton

Senior Software Tester


Siobhán has been working in technology for 9 years and prior to that she worked in music (mainly tour production). In her spare time, she enjoys travelling (road trips, camping with her dog etc.) and going to as many gigs and music festivals as possible.

Jakub Głaczyński

Tech Lead


Based in Poland, Jakub is our piano tuner, EDM producer and retro gaming expert. In his spare time, he helps our clients by delivering top-notch low-code solutions to support their business – or was it the other way around?

Ahsan Tahir

Business Analyst


Ahsan was born in Pakistan and moved to the UK as a teenager, where he completed his higher education and graduated from university with a degree in Applied Accounting. Soon after that, he started working in Financial Services and has worked for various clients during his career. He is passionate about solving business challenges and recommending businesses better ways of working by improving processes and through the adoption of tools and technology. His two young kids keep him busy during his downtime. He also likes travelling, reading, socialising, dining out, music and has a keen interest in the worldwide financial markets.

Ana Palihovici



Ana has been having fun developing with OutSystems since 2016, but is also interested in machine learning, psychology, astronomy, biology, physics, economy, and in how the world around us works – so she’d be very excited if one day humanity would invent a device that enables learning multiple things at once or downloading skills into brains, Matrix-style. She also enjoys art, live music, theatre, stand-up comedy, book shops, biking, parks, coffee, dogs, and lists, and she is trying to appreciate life’s small pleasures and experience it to the fullest.

Alexandra Gorog

Commercial Lead


Besides enjoying time with her husband and incredibly energetic 4-year-old son, Alex makes time for composing and the odd open mic session. Having trained as a sound engineer and operatic singer, she has always enjoyed mixing technology with creative vision. As well as this she enjoys gyming, cooking, skiing and concerts.

Christopher Prang Outsprint

Christopher Prang

Sales Lead – DACH Region


Chris is originally from Denmark but has lived in Berlin since 2014. When not working or being with his new German friends at different social gatherings, Chris enjoys spending his time in nature, playing golf (HCP 0) or mountain biking.

Tenille Outsprint

Tenille Bennett

Power Platform Team Lead


When she’s not lifting weights or playing sports, Tenille enjoys spending quality time with her son, watching movies or experimenting with new ingredients in the kitchen. An avid reader with an incredible growth mindset, Tenille expresses her passion for human connection through coaching others within the realms of emotional intelligence.

Márcio Carvalho - Outsprint Developer

Márcio Carvalho



Born and raised in Lousã, Portugal, Márcio loves playing football and the guitar, watching movies and travelling. He also enjoys trying new foods and playing new games, but most of all he loves spending time with his family, girlfriend and cats!

Mohammed Hashish - Outsprint

Mohammed Hashish

Head of Solutions


Mohammed was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt, and has experienced life in Cairo, Toronto, Dubai and Lisbon before finally landing in Berlin. When he is not out with friends, he is at home cooking, watching movies, or pretending to play guitar (AKA learning). His latest hobby is to ruin languages by trying to speak them, after Portuguese suffered enough, he is planning to learn German too!

John Allen - Outsprint

John Allen



John is a huge wrestling fan and does a pretty good Macho Man impression! He enjoys gaming with his girlfriend and as a Mansfield Town FC supporter, he likes to watch football at the weekends. He also has a puppy called Rory who requires lots of play time!

Carlos Lessa - Outsprint

Carlos Lessa

Senior Developer


Carlos is passionate about OutSystems and likes to spend time in forums, going to meet-ups and gaining new certifications. He enjoys paintball, running, going to the gym and eating sweets and junk food. He’s also a fan of driving, car tuning, go karting and travelling.

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