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The High Tech – Low Code Podcast

Your podcast for low-code and high technology development, presented by IT consultancy, OutSprint. The podcast has been initiated in order to help educate about low-code technology and digital transformation in general. Together with our hosts and guests this podcast is supposed to inspire, inform and connect people from or interested in the tech world.


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#11 IT & Recruitment

We welcome back the fantastic Cecilia Harvey, Founder of Tech Women Today and CEO of Hyve Dynamics & Man Wong, Co-Founder of Candidate X to discuss the impacts of tech on opportunities and leadership, the IT Talent Gap and also revisit the topic of Diversity & Inclusion, diving deeper into its past, present and future.

#10 Diversity in Tech

Business related social networks like LinkedIn have changed the way companies hunt talent. Mario Cunha and Rebecca Garland have invited Man Wong, co-founder of the diversity and inclusion engagement platform Candidate X, to talk about the challenges and opportunities of tech in the HR industry and its effects on diversity.

#9 “Tech” the halls!

In our end-of-year special, OutSprint’s Mário Cunha, Tiago Neves, Caroline Nicholas and Gary Williams chat about family holiday traditions and exchange tech gift ideas for kids and adults!

#8 Diving into DevOps

Co-hosts Mário & Gary chat to DevOps Engineers from Digital Ventures, Jamie Milburn & Cygilant, Michael Garland about DevOps, the processes behind it, its benefits, how to get into the field and its future.

#7 Inventing with IoT

OutSprint’s Mário Cunha and Gary Williams welcome Hugo Lourenço, R&D Principal Software Engineer at OutSystems, to chat about the array of DIY IoT projects he has set up in his home as well as the technology behind them and some of the challenges that have come with them.

#6 The Power of PowerApps

This week we have the pleasure of discussing all things PowerApps – from how to get started with the platform to the future of software development using low-code – with Chris Huntingford, Partner Technical Architect at Power Platform & Dynamics. This episode is hosted by Trainer and Applications Developer, Mário Cunha, Software Developer, Gary Williams and Pre-Sales Manager, Steve Collins.

#5 Women in tech: Cecilia Harvey

What does it mean to be a woman in tech and a responsible leader today? Find out in this week’s episode of High Tech – Low Code podcast, where we chat with CEO & Co-Founder of Hyve Dynamics and Founder & Chair of Tech Women Today, Cecilia Harvey, about responsible leadership in tech and through COVID-19, as well as breaking boundaries for women in the industry.

#4 Fighting cyber attacks: How to become a cyber security specialist

Tune in to our discussion about cyber security with executive, public speaker, author and international judge, Francesco Cipollone and successful recruiter, Owanate Bestman in this week’s episode of High Tech – Low Code. Discover how you can become a cyber security specialist, what risks a cyber security specialist must protect against and how the future of the industry looks. This episode is hosted by Mário Cunha and Ian Tailor.

#3 Accelerating Software Development: The OutSystems Platform

For this episode of our High Tech – Low Code podcast, we have invited Roy Goonewardena, Principal Solutions Architect at OutSystems, to discuss the current status quo of low-code development, the problems that OutSystems solves as one of the leading low-code platforms and give an outlook on the future of software development. This episode is hosted by Mário Cunha, Trainer and Applications Developer and Gary Williams, Software Developer at OutSprint.

#2 Disruption time! Building a business during Covid-19

Together with Mário Cunha, CEO Tiago Neves and Head of People and Talent, Rebecca Garland, discuss what it means to navigate a business through the obstacles of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic and form a brand new international team at the same time.

#1 Let’s talk about tech, baby!

Mário Cunha, Caroline Nicholas and Ian Tailor introduce themselves as the hosts of the upcoming podcast episodes. While explaining their backgrounds and relationship with the tech world, they start reminiscing about old school computers, consoles and discuss how technology has moved on since the good old days.

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