Closing the gap between traditional
and digital skills

OEMs are positioning themselves primarily as manufacturers of equipment and vehicles. Software has so far not been recognised as a USP.

In the future, the software components of a vehicle will be a decisive competitive factor. Electromobility, autonomous driving and the connectivity between drivers, their intelligent devices and the cloud put the spotlight on new customer needs.

The new customer experience of drivers thus goes beyond the simple and proverbial pleasure of driving. The automotive industry needs to explore and cultivate these new opportunities in order not to lose market share in the future.

Many past examples from other markets have shown that in the case of far-reaching failures to adapt to a new situation, external market participants find it easy to address customer needs better than before with innovative approaches and can displace the traditional market players.

Low-code development advantages for the automotive industry


Accelerate time to market

Developers are freed of repetitive tasks and can therefore spend more time on more important areas of development, such as developing new products or features.


Develop apps rapidly

Low-code makes app development swift and easy for software developers. Instead of months, apps can now be built in weeks.


Increase productivity

OutSprint helps your company to find and exploit the potential for systematically more efficient work processes, cost advantages and new solution approaches.


Drive innovation

Improve the experience of both customers and employees and allow your organisation to capitalise on creativity.


Integrate & modernise

Low-code development platforms (LCDPs) ensure that newly identified trends and technologies can safely be integrated into your architecture.

The shift to digital services urges OEMs to act now!

However, simply mastering the underlying modern IT technologies is not enough to tackle these digital transformation challenges within the automotive industry. The speed of implementation (time-to-market) is of central importance.

The automotive industry must be at the forefront of the latest technological trends, also on the software side. Therefore it is time for OEMs to implement and speed up their digital transformation plans now. Unfortunately, challenges, such as missing IT talent with simultaneous higher demand for software solutions make it hard to execute on digital strategies.

Low-code development platforms (LCDPs) offer the appropriate and future-oriented solution here. Through its visual application design and graphic modelling, low-code development is up to 10 times faster compared to traditional text-based programming.

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